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787NS Series Recessed Floor Expansion Joint Cover

The 787NS recessed floor expansion joint system is designed to support heavy equipment movement in interior environments. It is ideal for a range of project types, including data centers, modular construction and facility maintenance routing through standard commercial buildings.  Its tapered cover plate and frames provide a smooth, ADA-compliant design that maintains a level surface and stays flush through daily joint expansion and contraction.

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Features and benefits

  • Ideal for addressing heavy internal equipment movement with a loading capacity up to 7000lbs (3175kg)
  • Tapered plate and frames proved a seamless, ADA-compliant design that constantly levels itself and maintains a flush condition
  • Non-serrated, smooth cover plate
  • Shallow 1” (25mm) frame depth to avoid interference with rebar or cabling structures within the concrete deck
  • Can be coupled with waterproofing or fire protection accessories

Product specification

  • Install Condition: Floor/Floor, Floor/Wall
  • Movement: +/-50% (110%)
  • Joint width: 2”-8” (50mm – 200mm)

Technical information