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101 Recessed Expansion Joint Mount for 5/8" Finishes

The dual durometer seal of the 101 series provides a secure fit and optimal flexibility.

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Features and benefits

  • Dual durometer seal provides secure fit and optimal flexibility
  • Seals absorb limited serviceable seismic movement
  • Recessed mount frames for minimal sightline
  • Interior and exterior applications
  • Adaptable to any 16 mm wall and ceiling finish including drywall, plaster and tile
  • Snap-on design for easy on-site assembly
  • Easy to clean flush seals
  • Low profile wall mounted frame optional for wall to corner (A09) condition
  • Minimises sightlines at corners
  • Mill finish aluminium

Product specification

  • Wall/Wall, Wall/Corner Conditions
  • Movement: +/- 25%
  • Joint width: 25mm-75mm
  • Optional fire rated
  • Optional vapour barrier

Technical information