About Inpro

Inpro Interior and Exterior Architectural Products.

Our story begins in 1979, with a single hole in a hospital wall. At that time, a hole like this was not an uncommon sight. In fact, most buildings showed signs of wear and tear. Chewed-up walls. Mangled and scarred door frames. Broken and peeling corners.

It was impossible for building managers and maintenance crews to keep up with the damage. Their doors and walls were naked, defenceless. It was from this dire reality, this literal hole in the wall, that our company was born.

Since then, we have come to another epiphany: just as buildings need protection from the people who use them, people need protection from their buildings too. So now we create low-noise track carriers so patients can heal more quickly. We build expansion joint systems that protect buildings against Mother Nature’€™s movements. We fortify walls to withstand heavy traffic and promote a welcoming environment.

Our Obsessions

  1. Health
  2. Safety
  3. Appearance
  4. Sustainability

We obsess over safety, healthiness and appearance, so much so that we design and manufacture nearly every product ourselves, and put them through exhaustive testing. It has demanded a willingness to go to extraordinary lengths to sweat the details and never settle for anything less than total protection. Maybe we’€™re a little obsessed? Even so, we’€re proud of it. You deserve a company that cares as much as you do.

Our Markets

Inpro is proud to offer a wide array of products that are sure to meet the needs of any space. From hotel lobby to operating room, we offer our support with products that can stand up to your building’s requirements while maintaining a professional aesthetic.