Divisions Born From Our Protection Obsessions.

More than 35 years ago, we started producing products that would protect building managers and facility teams from cycles of endless repair. Our Door + Wall protection systems were designed to make the lives of our customers easier. No more constant repairs. No more unpleasant protection products.

Over the years, we’ve expanded that protection into our different product divisions. With Inpro, you can rely on high-quality service and dependable products that will rescue you from your maintenance battle.


Our Door + Wall Protection Systems prevent relentless damage without compromising your choices in material, colour, thickness or pattern. We manufacture Door+Wall Protection that provides a better solution, eliminating never-ending maintenance and costly renovations.


Our Privacy Systems cover a facility’s most essential privacy needs by making and installing innovative solutions to ensure people feel comfortable. With contemporary designs and cutting-edge products, we work with you to provide a warm and welcoming environment for visitors and staff.


Our Expansion Joint Systems protect buildings from natural shifting and movement because they are engineered to handle every condition. We realise that every building has different needs, so we have a team of experts on hand to help with your project specific conditions.