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Formatrac® Bendable Cubicle Track

Formatrac® Bendable Track easily bends on-site, by hand, to allow for virtually any radius bend.

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Features and benefits

  • A 99% recycled aluminium core and ABS (non-PVC) shell – this patented product provides a sustainable solution for your track needs
  • Aluminium core and ABS shell is easily trimmed on-site with a hand saw
  • The ABS material does not contain phthalates, PCBs (Polychlorinated biphenyls), or PBTs (Persistent Biocumulative Toxins)
  • Standard track lengths allowing for virtually any length or radius bend required and eliminates splicing
  • All four standard track lengths ship via UPS ground, not bulk freight
  • Easy to install and works with virtually any ceiling type including both tegular and flush ceiling tile
  • Carriers that slide quietly and effortlessly across the track
  • Class A Fire Rating

Product specification

  • 2.5m Bendable Track Part Number: CE200008
  • 5m Bendable Track Part Number: CE200016
  • 12m Bendable Track Part Number: CE200040
  • 32m Bendable Track Part Number: CE200105


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